Meet the awesome team behind The Good News Edition LLC

Richard Parker

Chief Executive Officer

Richard has been the driving force behind the website since its inception in 2007.  As of that year he hasn’t watched any sort of news unless it was something positive, encouraging, and motivating.  Known by his peers as Mr. Positive!  With 25 years of experience with online news media, he”s a  producer, director, editor, and author. He has appeared on TV and radio, and on stage as a motivational speaker.  Richard retired as a General Manager in the automotive industry after 34 years of service.  Mr. Positive, and his lovely wife of 28 years have four children, 14 grandchildren. His mission is to Build Hope, Dreams, and Self-Esteem back into communities around the world.  So people will adopt a Happier, Healthier, and more Positive Lifestyle.

Ernestine Parker


Ernestine has also been the driving force behind The Good News Edition since its inception in 2007.  And like her husband Richard (Mr. Positive) the CEO of the company.  She hasn’t watched any sort of news unless it is something positive, encouraging, motivating, and informative.  Known by her family, and friends as Tina, she also has 25 years of experience with online news media, she’s a co-producer, co-director, co-editor, and co-author.  She also has appeared on  radio.  Tina retired from the medical industry after 23 years of service. Tina and her awesome husband Mr. Positive of 28 years, have four children, 14 grandchildren.  Her mission also is to Build Hope, Dreams, and Self-Esteem back into communities around the world.  So people will live a Happier, Healthier, and more Positive Lifestyle. 

Ebony Dixon

Executive Administrator

Ebony has expertise in Business Management and Executive Administration with over 15 years of experience.  Specializing in business management, Ebony, uses that experience to ensure the business is exceeding expectations.  By focusing on The Good News Edition Administration’s daily operations, she will be using her Bachelors Degree to broaden her skills assisting in building the brand of The Good News Edition to superior excellence.  Over the years her strengths have garnered some recognition by putting her name in the forefront of up and coming business ventures.  Ebony’s first endeavor was real estate management where she assisted the COO on his daily operations.  When she’s not intensely working, Ebony is investing time with her wonderful husband Marvin and loving on their three beautiful children.

Rey Taylor

Chief Operations Officer

Rey has been an entrepreneur for over 40 years with his journey starting in the 70’s. His father owned two department stores in Los Angeles, California. As a very young man Rey learned the ins and outs of his father’s business, finance, managing employees, establishing, and fulfilling business goals, but most importantly he learned and loved service to his community. His customers were his passion, making sure their needs were met was his priority.  Rey embraced the community, and the community embraced him. Later in his career he used this same passion, foundation, and servitude to build a highly successful marketing company a few blocks from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) with reps all over the US.

Rey is a gifted speaker, motivator, consultant, and teacher. He has a hunger and thirst for knowledge mixed with a passion to share it.  Once introduced to the vision of The Good News Edition by Richard and Tina it was a no-brainer to desire to become a part of something life changing and be able to plant seeds of positivity in the lives of many. To be able to motivate, encourage and inspire, to heal and reveal. Timing could not be more perfect. My beautiful wife Marilynn of 33 years and I will be forever grateful to the founders Richard and his lovely wife Tina for this opportunity to serve this amazing growing community of TGNE.

Marilynn Taylor

Chief Financial Officer

Marilynn started her education in the field of Business Administration attending San Jose State University and Long Beach State University.  Her career began 33 years ago as an Administrator for a private school in Los Angeles, CA.  Marilynn was very instrumental in assisting the Director in building the foundation of the school.  Later she continued developing her administrative skills in the areas of Consulting, Customer Service and Accounting.  Throughout the years with her unique gift of servitude she developed a passion to provide the best customer service to customers and clients of all walks of life.  Marilynn eventually retired from the corporate arena in 1999 to join her husband Rey Taylor in providing administrative skills with his entrepreneurial businesses which have been quite successful over the years. I’m thankful to be able to work with this amazing couple Richard and Tina, and for the opportunity to become an instrumental part of The Good News Edition team.

Jason McCranie

Chief Internet Officer

Jason McCranie is a graphic and web designer with over 30 years of experience in the graphics and marketing industry.  He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta.  Jason started out his career building 35 mm slide presentations for fortune 500 companies and moved into electronic presentations when the market required.  After that he worked as a photo re-toucher where he honed his craft as a graphic designer and photo manipulation. 

Next Jason turned his talents to the religious world and spent 20 years working for mega churches in the Atlanta area, serving as their IT/Communications/Graphics Director and performed the duties of setting up and maintaining computer networks, branding and designing all publications, marketing, website design and maintenance, and performed all social media campaigns.  On top of all that Jason improved upon his hobbies of photography and video by performing as much of those tasks as he had time.

For the last 3 years Jason and his wife Heather and their three dogs have travelled across the country taking in the most beautiful scenery and meeting some great people along the way.  All the while working as a freelance graphic and web designer.  Their last stop Jason met Richard and the rest has been all GOOD NEWS ever since!

Heather McCranie

Assistant Editor

Heather McCranie is a professional with more than 30 years of experience working in different areas of customer service. She has proven her ability to provide excellent customer service in busy environments such as the Restaurant industry and animal care industry.  Heather has a culinary degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta and has worked in some of the best restaurants in Atlanta. Heather can adapt to customers’ needs and match them with the right solutions. She is detail-oriented and works well under pressure. Notable accomplishments include meeting deadlines and increasing customer satisfaction. Friendly customer service and a commitment to providing high-quality service is what Heather brings to the GOOD NEWS Edition. Offering excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of conflict resolution to lead a team of other customer service representatives. Skilled at using consumer feedback to improve customer service processes.

A. J. Simpson

Sales Director

Arnold (A.J.) Simpson is married to his wife, lovely Dr. April Combs-Simpson. He serves as Director of Sales and his goal is to provide a path for clients to view and express positive information through electronic media “The Good News Edition.” He has over 40 years of Professional Sales and Consulting experience. Mr. Simpson is a very successful Business Executive and has achieved many business awards and certifications:

  • President’s Club Winner – Sales – Comcast / Xfinity
  • Top Performer – General Motors – Sales Excellence Award
  • Diversity &Amp; Inclusion Champion – Cintas
  • Retired NBC Comcast Universal – Business Account Executive

He holds a college degree in Business Administration and understands what it takes to gain dedicated customers. Also, Mr. Simpson is the Founder and Regional Director of the Detroit Digital Billboard Advertising in Michigan. His vision for the Good News Edition is to increase growth for the company with the world’s Good News stories for everyone to read and share. As the Director of Sales, Mr. Simpson will provide solutions for the company while delivering the “WOW” factor to each and every subscriber.

Dr. April Combs-Simpson

Marketing Director

Dr. April Combs-Simpson is married to her husband A.J. Simpson for 21 years.  She is recognized for her extensive experience in Organizational Management / Supervision and Sales. In addition, her experience includes marketing, Public Affairs/Communication, Training and Development and Merchant Services.  Her background consists of serving many years as Postmaster, where she displayed exceptional leadership and communication skills within the United States Postal Service. April is very people oriented and she enjoys education and learning new skills.

In addition to April’s insurance licenses and certifications in Life / Health / Property & Casualty and annuities, she holds five degrees:

  • Associate in Liberal Arts
  • BBA in Business Administration
  • MBA in Business Administration
  • MA in Marketing
  • Ph.D. in Organizational Management

Before joining Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEX) at Davenport University as Partnership Manager, Dr. Simpson worked for Bank of America Merchant Services, where she successfully generated new business by leveraging the consultative approach to sales dealing with the interchange rates. In addition, she was responsible for identification and execution of business development strategies, outreach to build relationships, and securing new accounts, while maximizing sources of revenue.

April’s goal in her current role as Marketing Director is to offer successful partnerships with businesses and provide innovative solutions to inspire subscribers to submit the brightest of the best in today’s good news. 


Tonya Joe

Tonya Joe

Assistant Executive Administrator

Tonya Joe, began her career overseas as a Contractor working in Kuwait in 1999 as an Operation Specialist for ITT GMASS.  Moving up to Operations Coordinator within 6 months of her assignment. The following year She was promoted to Analyst. 3 years later the company changed their name to Vectrus at which time, Tonya began her career as an Operations Manager. 

Her duties consist of operating and managing complex supply support systems including all aspects of inventory control, material handling & storage, materials validation, distribution and transportation.

In 2015 Tonya returned to the states and began working for XPO Logistic as an Operations Supervisor/Warehouse. Tonya has a combined total of 20+ years of experience in the Supply Logistic field, from Laborer, Admin, and Operations Management.  Tonya has a loving husband, 6 children, 16 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.  She is looking forward to sharing her expertise with The Good News Edition LLC.